Hi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The FrontlinesHi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The Frontlines

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Hi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The Frontlines

This is Joe and I am so excited that I have landed an auto mechanic apprenticeship. I've never wanted to do anything else. I grew up watching dad tinkering with his car on weekends and the desire to be around grease and oil has been in my veins ever since. Even though I've only been training for a year, I've learnt that car servicing and repairs are different from when I used to watch my dad. These days it is very hi-tech and involves researching online manuals when a less common car comes in. It has really made me aware that mechanics need to be well-qualified and dedicated to their job as carelessness can put you in serious danger. I want everyone to understand the complexities of auto servicing these days and this journal is the result. I wish the very best for you and your car. Take care.

Performance Tyres: Three Core Tips for Promoting Efficient Operation

If you are interested in racing or general track driving, you might want to consider replacing your stock tyres with performance ones. You should keep in mind that the tyres provide indispensable interface with the road. Therefore, if your vehicle is exceptional but your tyre quality is poor, the operation of your car will be subpar. Bad tyres on a track will limit your vehicle's potential, and you will be at a higher risk of accidents. Read More 

Summer Is Ahead. Is Your Car’s A/C Ready?

As a car owner, you know how important it is to maintain the vehicle on a regular basis if it is to remain efficient, keep going in all conditions and get you from point to point. As part of this annual maintenance, you need to take the vehicle in to a mechanic so that they can change the oil in the engine for enhanced protection. Yet, you may not be aware that you have to perform a similar task when it comes to the vehicle's air conditioning system, as otherwise, it will get gradually less efficient as the months and years go by. Read More 

How to Manage Truck Pollution Effectively

Thirty years ago, a diesel-engined rig was synonymous with air pollution. The tractor would often belch out some jet-black smoke as it was trying to crest a steep incline; it's little wonder that the environmental lobby was so active. Fast forward to today and these vehicles are incredibly sophisticated when it comes to dealing with this problem. Much of their success can be attributed to the diesel particulate filter (DPF), now fitted to each vehicle. Read More 

Truck Maintenance: It’s All About Balance and Timing

In the automotive world, a breakdown of any kind is to be avoided if possible because it can either have relatively minor consequences or be potentially devastating. It may not be too inconvenient if your family car breaks down in the driveway on a Saturday morning, but there will be many bad repercussions if your commercial truck fails to deliver a refrigerated load of food. As you have to worry about the latter situation more than the former, you will need to pay a lot of attention to preventative maintenance and in particular your vehicle's brakes. Read More 

Why Car Manufacturers Recommend Regular Engine Oil and Filter Changes

Logbook servicing is all about performing all the maintenance tasks recommended by vehicle manufacturers to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of vehicles throughout their years of service. If carried out the right way, logbook servicing also has the potential to extend the lifespan of a vehicle. There are many different types of car services that are normally included in a car's logbook servicing schedule. Each logbook service is important, but they all don't have to be carried out at the same time. Read More